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meditation and advance yoga are techniques to clean our spirit.


Basic of yoga and meditation start with Clean Stomach, Yoga Benefits on other Exercises, Cure or Giving Rest to Body, Importance of Fasting, Diet Controlmore


Cure of Ailments by Yoga, Cure Diesases with Yoga, Main Features of Yoga Therapy, Ideal Yogic Food-stuffs, Principles of Yoga Therapy etc are different topics which we can learn under Yoga.more


Yoga Clothes and Behavior, Cleanliness of Spirit, Discipline, Carelessness Causes Ill Health, Self Confidence and meditation are important things to learn during meditation.more


Appetite Loss, Non-stop Eating, Purify Blood and Breathing, Functions of Digestive Organs, Heart Diseases and Yoga, Cleaning Teeth and Bathing are techniques of meditation.more